I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your book “Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half.” My husband and I are newly weds and have only been married 3 months! But about a week after being married I was deployed. My husband John bought your book when distance was really putting a strain on our relationship. While reading it he would highlight certain parts that stood out to him, as well as bible verses he felt a strong connection with. After he was done he mailed it to me to read for myself. I LOVED IT! Our favorite part was how you said “love is a choice.” Even though we read it separately I really felt like I had him here with me because of his highlighted marks and little comments he left for me. Thank you again for writing such a well written and very easily understandable book. It makes me and John want to give each other lots of love and respect through all our years to come. I plan on sending a copy to my sister and her husband as well! Thanks again.

Having the opportunity to meet you was a blessing and an answer to prayer that I hope I can tell you about someday. I didn’t have a chance to let you know the impact you have had on my life, but I want you to know. 4 years ago when my wife and I had our first child (Oliver), I was lost. I felt inadequate (to say the least) as a man to lead anyone, much more my son. I heard you on the radio, bought your book and for the first time felt like I could be the father I longed to be (I have read a few more of your books since). I know you hear this all of the time and I am very happy I have the chance to also tell you that your legacy includes my family. Your legacy includes the fact that my, now 3, children will grow up with a present father who seeks to lead them in God’s purpose and my wife will have a husband who seek’s God’s will for our family. Thank you Rick.

Just to let you know that your book motivated me to get our company to set up a welding course for young kids in the jungle.  We are beginning to operate in a very difficult small town in the middle of the jungle, that has been the object of small illegal gold mining and cocaine traffic for two decades now on the border of Colombia and Brazil.  One thing I noticed was the miserable conditions of the local youth, especially the girls. Young child prostitution is a great concern here because the place is a confluence of evil forces. Normally its the mining exploration company that gets the brunt of ill-percieved criticism. But in this town we have drug traffickers, and ironically a large police base of 250 young men taken far from their families who are more scared of leaving their compound than anything, and some extreme environmentalists that are usually high on narcotics themselves, and local less-than-honest politicians that would make even the rest of the country shocked.  A lot of the native first nations “fathers” are caught in a spiral of alcohol, and as such, they will “sell” their daughters to the men of all these different groups, for the price of another beer.

So I had just finished your book on the plane and as I landed in Bogota, and it gave me an idea.  Next week we are setting up a welding introduction course for 10 boys one day, and 10 girls the next day, ages are 11-14.  We never expect these kids to become welders, but something tells me that you are right, the more the girls know about “guy stuff”, the less vulnerable some of them will be. The traditional “macho” man of this society is very intimidated by women/girls who would know something about “guy stuff”, and the intimidation would be exacerbated if the girl knows more than them about a car engine or a welding technique. Your book struck a chord and we think it might make the girls more confidant and less appealing. At least its a start.

I will always be thankful for men like you. you dont really knowme,  i met you at this last mens retreat you attended in upstate ny. we had you there as the speaker and man were you a blessing or what.thank you so much for everything you thought us it really spoke to my heart .i wanted to tell you a little about myself, i am a 36 year old man that had so much going on right now ,i wish it was good stuff but it isn’t. i did not have a good relationship with my dad i wish i had , I think if i would’ve had a good and healthy relationship with my dad i never would’ve done the horrible things i have done .i wish my dad would’ve told me he loved me many times and hug me and just be closer to me but that never happened. I have struggled with same sex attraction eversince I can remember. This originated when i was a kid only to grow more and more leading me to a perverted life style for the past 36 years . there have been times when i stopped but for the most part this is the way i have been living. i had sex with approximately 35 different men.I am not attracted to femenine men but the opposite being myself the same way very masculine. I am not feminine at all in fact if you meet me you problably would never think i have that kind of a problem i dont like to play the role of a woman when i am with a man not that this makes me any less of a homosexual.i tried so many times to quit this to abandom this life style but i failed time after time to the point that I gave up.I am glad i went to this men’s retreat it really spoke to my heart God created me to be a man to act like one to live like one, to live the life he wanted me to live and to be the man he created me to be. not a homosexual but a real man free of anything that could chain me down. brother yerterday when i came back home i felt so sad and depressed terribly sad and depressed today i felt i little better But i know i need help if i dont get help nothing is going to change. if you know of any resources any ministry or anybody that could help please let me know. I one day would love to have a wife have kids be a wonderful Godfearing father for them i want to hug my kids and tell them i love them so much oh God how i long for that all i can ask you is to pray for me and once again thank you for everything you thought us this weekend .God bless you I have your book i am reading it and will continue to do so. please pray that God would lead me to the help i need i dont want to live like this anymore. please keep this confidential. GOD BLESS and may he continue to bless you and use you the way he is doing it now.


I just finished “The Power of a Man”. I’ve never dog-eared or underlined so much in any book before. Thanks for all you do. I was very impressed with the end of the book and how you encourage us to be present: To step up and stand up. I use your book as a prominent reference source in teaching a middle school boys SS class.

hi, you may not remember me, but i attended one of your weekend camping trips and met you personally. i am an 19 year old guy who has struggled with alot in the past, and i just want to thank you so much for doing all that you do. your book, the power of a man, changed my life for the better. it was so inspiring and moving to me it brought out the best in me i never knew existed. i though i was always going to be ashamed, beaten down, lost, and confused with life until i read your book. i used to be apathetic, and for lack of a better word, weak when it came to dealing with life. since i read your book about a year ago, i have quit using drugs and alcohol, gotten a job, pushed myself beyond the limits i thought i had. i make the right decisions on a daily basis, i stand up for whats right, and i am proud of who i am. i am nowhere near perfection of course, but i have made a 180 degree turn for the better. your book served as a rubric for how a man should act and manage his life, and its literally saved my life. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, your work is nothing short of a guiding light in a sea of social problems we face in todays world. never stop what your doing, i dont know how many people have told you this, but you are changing lives. and i would very much like to meet with you or attend one of your workshops.


On Tuesday night our Men’s Power Meeting just concluded Chapter 7. Wow! It took us 3 weeks to get through this one. Without a doubt (for me anyway), the most powerful and life changing reading in the book. I marked the book up pretty good with highlights, notes etc…..As I continue my transformation, I still find myself falling back with old habits, but picking myself back up with your words of wisdom and hope.  I’m so excited about being a Man. I just never had anyone explain what my role was. Now I understand and actually feel more manly. Honesty, integrity, honor and humility are now part of my daily bread. I’m hoping with practice….it will become habit. I want to break my generational curse and leave a legacy of being a Man my family, friends and community could depend on.

Hi Rick, I went earnestly searching for a manhood -mentoring/discipling book and just as second thought, on stumbling on your book on the shelf, picked it… am up now 11:32pm hoping I might get to finish it tonight though on page165…  i want to thank God and you for answering Gods call and being available to write this.  I have earnestly prayed the Lord to bring a real father-man figure to my life that i can learn from, i still await. I however thankyou again for the many many answers your book has given me in my long search.  God bless you and may continue availing yourself for his use.


Hey Rick,

I am a 31 year old math teacher/coach from Trussville Alabama. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you and note of encouragement. I just finished your book “The Power of a Man.” Very challenging and inspiring. As a teacher and coach of 8 years, I have encountered many kids who are living a life with no male role model/father figure at home. It was put on my heart very early in my teaching career to step up and be that model. This book was just a reminder and reemphasis to me from the Lord to keep doing what I’m doing. I teach middle school 7th and 8th graders and it can become very burdensome at times. There are times where the thoughts of “you can’t change the world by yourself” run through my mind. But I know the Lord has provided me with a huge platform and wide open mission field to spread the gospel and show kids what it’s like to be loved with the love of Christ. I may not be able to change the world, but I can absolutely step up and continue to be an example for those He puts before me daily. So again, just wanted to say thank you and keep doing the great work you are doing for the Lord.

Hi Rick,

I just read “Better Dads, Stronger Sons” and I’m eternally grateful for the advice you have provided. I am a 32 year old father with two young boys. It is difficult to know what I need to do to raise my boys in a Godly way. I will be using your book as a blueprint to turn my young boys into men of honor. I look forward to reading your other books as well. Thank you very much for the information, and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Mr. Johnson,
I am just finishing your audio book, “Better Dads, Stronger Sons.” It really spoke to me. Thank you for writing such an insightful and practical book. I have four children and two young sons ages four and two. I could immediately relate to your stories and some of the challenges you spoke about in the book.


Rick, I am only on Chapter 2 of the Man Whisperer and I am already convicted, repentant and passionate about becoming a man whisperer. I come from a long line of ultra controlling women and castrated men. I have tried to buck that trend my entire christian life but can already see where I have been wrong and have failed in my 20 year marriage. I see knew hope for a troubled marriage and for my family. Thank you sooooo much, and thank you for the suprises. I love suprises. (ps- I salute your wife).


I was a christain book store one day about 2 1/2 years ago and I was going through questions with God about how I can influence my son in a positive way and not destroy his manhood. Although he has a father who is very involved in his life, I felt like I needed help. I found this amazing book and went back and brought another for my single friend and she cried and told me “thanks so much for this book”. I said it was God! Thank you Mr. Johnson for helping the mothers find there way and still feel good about nurturing their sons!I really hope that you can come share some points with other moms that are in my circle. It would be a great honor to have you here in Atlanta to celebrate Moms and their Boys!

I want to tell you how your book profoundly impacted my life. I realized that I did not have a clear understanding of what a “real man” was, but it was not until I read your book that I began to understand the power God gave me as a man. Your ministry is reaching the lives of so many men who would otherwise misunderstand or abuse the power God gave man to lead his family. Thank you so much for what you are doing!


I picked up “That’s My Son” in the grocery store last week and couldn’t put it down. Shortly into the book, I realized how much male influence my husband had missed growing up and how that was leading to such struggle with our 10 year old son and even with me.

Dear Mr. Johnson I have recently read your book The Power of a Man. It was a great read first and foremost. To keep it short I read this book and could only remember the pain that I had caused in my 20 years of life. Being fourteen gang member running with older kids not caring of the hurt I caused. I was placed in a group home at he tender age of 14. Now with your help I would love to spread the message that you show great love for.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my 18 year old son. A couple months after he passed, I picked up your book Better Dads, Stronger Sons. Your book was incredible. I had lost my only son, and while it hurt to read your book, I could not put it down. You hit on so many things I had thought about in the 15 months of his battle against cancer. I emailed you when I started reading it, and you so graciously and quickly wrote back. I bought the book for 2 other fathers I know, each younger then me and with younger boys (under 5). I think your book should be mandatory reading for the father of every child born.

I just finished reading your book “That’s My Son” and I am overwhelmed with the information yet energized at the same time! I thought I understood boys having grown up the only girl with three older brothers, but I really did learn a lot. There were a lot of practical tools and ideas I can use with my own two boys. I especially liked how you responded to the women that came from abusive marriages. I know that I have the ability to overreact when my boys are fighting, and I believe it comes from being in an abusive relationship with their father.   Thank you again and God Bless you in your future plans.

I recently purchased That’s My Son and have referred it to many Mommys I know. This book, aside from the Bible, has been a lifesaver. I’m a 29 year old single Mom of 4 little boys. Living my childhood dream of having children can be very trying at times but your book has given me a whole new look at life. My goal is to raise my babies to be GREAT men, husbands, and daddys. I never thought I would be able to make that happen raising them on my own. NOw I know I can. Thank you so much for this book. I will continue to brag about it to every Mama I encounter.

I’m reading your book That’s My Son… For me that’s a life changing book, I loved it and it helped me understand better even my husband, in my opinion this book should be read by every mom who has a boy. I have recommended it to all my friends, and even bought it as a present for some of them.


I just got finished reading your book, “Better Dads, Stronger Son.” I just want you to know how much I enjoyed reading it and how much it blessed me. I really appreciated how open and transparent you were discussing your relationships with your step-father and your wife and children. Rick, you didn’t write that book for nothing. I soaked up everything. I’m going to suggest your book to my men’s group at church. Thanks again for writing a great book.


I am writing to say how inspiring the book “Better Dads, Stronger Sons” was to me. Prior to reading the book, I did not have a strong christian faith and did not know what real love was about. But the love of God and his son Jesus was never really explained to me the way this book did. The fact that God had his only son killed so that he would not have to send us to hell for being imperfect is just so amazing. I know that we as humans will never be able to display the kind of love that God has shown, but at least it gives us something to strive for. Thank you for your inspiration and I look forward to reading more of your work.
New Follower of Christ


Rick, I just recently read “The Power of Man.” I have struggled with alcohol and drugs over the years and just recently made a decision to stop and give my life to God through Jesus Christ. This has been the best decision I have ever made. Through out the process I honestly needed a book that was going to make me shake my head and say “what the heck have you been doing”? I have found it in this book. I have been far from a man to my wife and three boys. I always new what I wanted to be like, but for some unknown reason i just never got there. “The Power of Man” is an unbelievable blue print for me on how to live my life and raise my boys to become true Men. Thank You! I truly look forward in ready “Better Dads, Stronger Sons.” These books are what American men need right now and should be requires in some shape or form. Thanks Again!


Hello, I just wanted to say I picked up the “Better Dads, Stronger Sons” book yesterday and it was like i was reading a biography of myself!! It hit so hard and so true I couldn’t believe what I was reading…thank you so much for sharing your experiences and sharing the plan that God has for you…it gives me hope and encouragement that I can change myself to become the man I know God wants me to be. I look forward to reading all of your books and getting more involved in how to become a “Better Dad”.