Courageous Moms: Raising Boys to Become Good Men

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The World Needs Good Men!

Good for you!  You don’t want to just raise your boy to become a man.  You want him to be a good man.  You want your boy to become a man of courage and integrity, with a strong work ethic and a healthy understanding of love and responsibility.  The world needs men like that, and there is no reason why your son cannot grow to be among the best of them.

Rick Johnson has developed a seminar to bring hope and encouragement to moms who want desperately to raise their boys to become good men.

This powerful, innovative, fast-moving presentation weaves together stories, film clips, examples, and small group interaction to sharpen a mom’s skills and her understanding of boys in the process of becoming a man.

Topics will include:

Why are boys so different?

Communicating with boys

Pitfalls ­ what to avoid

Disciplining boys

Boys and sex

What do boys need to learn to become good men?

The importance of male role models

The good news!

Next event is March 3, 2018 at The Salvation Army, 473 SE 194th Ave., Portland, OR 97233.  Childcare (ages 3-11) and activities for the kids will be provided at no cost–but you must let us know number and ages of children prior to the event.  DADS are welcome!  Cost of the seminar is $25 per person and limited to the first 100 registrants.  Partial scholarships are available upon request.  To register go to .  For questions call 503.567.1212 or 971.220.9413.

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