What does a real man look like? How does he live his life? Rick Johnson explores these ideas and more in his new book, The Power of a Man: Using Your Influence as a Man of Character.   What constitutes authentic manhood and why we need to redefine the way we look at it? By examining how the Bible defines manhood, looking to real-life examples, and outlining the key principals for men to live by, Johnson spells out how men can embrace this challenge and live out their true, God-given potential.

There’s much to gain from this shift in perspective: Many men have become confused by what real manhood looks like, whether from society’s misguided messages or because of the poor role model choices available. This is a book of hope for all the men in our lives, and the author speaks from experience. Coming from a fatherless home, Johnson details how he was able to overcome his own misinterpretations of masculinity and his troubled upbringing. He says, “We men need to understand the gift of influence that God has given us so we treat it responsibly and break the generational sins, curses and cycles that devastate the lineage of many men’s families.”




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