single moms program

Single Moms Family Camps–Foundations for Life!

Every year Better Dads host our annual free Single Mom Family Camp for approximately 25 single moms and their children.  Our goal is to honor, teach, and pamper the moms.  All the while their children are enjoying time in the outdoors with positive male mentors doing activities like swimming, rafting, fishing, playing sports, building stuff, and playing with other kids.  This three-day, life-changing camps are free to the families who attend.  The moms spend time in some very intense classes such as “Choosing Healthy Relationships” and “God’s Love for His Daughters.

fatherless boys program

Standing Tall Mentoring Program

It is easier to raise a boy than to fix a man.” All of the problems in our culture can be traced directly to men abdicating their servant-based leadership positions in the home and community. One of the biggest reasons that men abandon their families is their own fatherlessness. In other words, boys who are abandoned by their fathers tend to abandon their own children. One of the strategies for combating this problem is men acting as positive role models in children’s lives, especially the lives of boys. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, most men are not stepping forward to battle this societal scourge.