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It’s tough being a man, husband, and father today. It feels like you give and work and struggle but there’s never enough of you to go around, and it seems the pressure is unrelenting. And yet, you are so important that you are nearly irreplaceable in the lives of your wife and children. When a father combines privilege, power, responsibility, and sacrifice, it can lead to huge blessings for him and his entire family. So be a man! Stand tall. Rick Johnson, founder of Better Dads and bestselling author, will help you discover how to give your children an example of healthy masculinity that will survive and thrive, down through the generations.

Corresponding resources by Rick Johnson:

 The Power of a Man: Using Your Influence as a Man of Character

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I’m a bestselling author and speaker, and I believe families, communities, and our society can grow stronger when parents begin to realize the unique power and influence we have in the lives of our sons and daughters.

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