The Power of Fathers: Why Men Matter

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It’s tough being a man and a father today. It feels like you give and work and struggle, but there’s never enough of you to go around. The pressures are unrelenting. And yet, you are so important that you are nearly irreplaceable in the lives of your children. Fatherhood is a privilege and with that privilege comes the power to impact lives. Exercised responsibly for good, that power can lead to huge blessings on you and your family.  Find out how you can be the best dad ever!

Privilege, power, responsibility, sacrifice– they’re all part of the same package. They all belong to a father. So be a man. Stand Tall. Give your children an example of healthy masculinity that will survive down through the generations.

Most dads yearn to be better fathers and have a more loving family.  This innovative, fast-moving, powerful, multimedia presentation uses stories, examples, and small group interaction to sharpen a father’s skills and understand his authentic masculinity.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Your Power as a Father
  • Characteristics Unique to Effective Dads
  • Top 10 Mistakes all Dads Make

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The workshop is $25 per person.  Refreshments provided!  Sorry, no childcare provided.

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